Environmental issue : Waste management

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A waste is any substance which constitute a scrap material or an effluent or other unwanted surplus substance arising from the application of any process is termed as waste . And Easter management is the act of segregating , collecting , transporting and recycling the diffrent types of waste .

It is important to understand the significance of waste management as there ate diffrent types of waste like : biometric , e waste , biodegradable , non bio degradeable . And each of them have to be managed separately, India is a huge country which generates approximately 62 million tons of solid waste everey year.

The waste is not treated rightly from the starting itself , the waste should be systematically treated in order to call it waste management but , many countries including India where the work of waste management is not taken into concern seriously, they face major waste management crisis .

Improper waste management can create several problems , which later can become difficult to deal with .

Political issue : Corruption

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Corruption refers to the act of misuse and abuse of power especially by those in government for personal gains . Corruption can serve wrong pourpose in a society . It’s clearly a illegal practice but , most of the devloping and even devloped countries face this problem .

Particularly ,talking about India it will not be wrong to say that corruption has prevailed here since a very long time and it does no good to a country . It can destroy the social and moral values as this includes bribing officials . It creates problem in buisness sector, by harming the ease of doing buisness. It removes the element of transparency in the system , it increases the gap between the people of the country and the government. It does hamper the devlopment of a country .

In the corruption perception Index of 2016 India stands at 79th position and most of the people have accepted that they are involved into taking bribes . There can be several political, administrative, ethical and economical factors behind corruption . This includes use of black money , judicial failure , social inequalities etc.

It is important to stop the practice of corruption to attain a faster rate of devlopment .

Social issues – women health

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Women health issues is a lesser talked social issue in India , however that does not decrease the seriousness of this .

Health is an important element of life for any of us , it’s necessary to take care of the overall health and well being both physically and mentally and in any counter a women is an important pillar of the society and thus it becomes relevant and more important to talk about women health issues .

Womens are the first care taker of a society from the first menstrual day till giving birth to a new life , they are made responsible for all the duties they have to fulfil as a women throughout their life and The best quality of a women is the potential they hold .

In many countries including India women are not aware of how important it is to take care of the health and as a result they ignore themselves and the health issues arises even at an early age.

Globally everey year 800 women die due to reasons like pregnancy, child birth. Child birth and pregnancy are not the only issues but lack of nutrition in women , poor health status at an early age , mental health problems. Which are often not discussed and taken care of.

Alot of women face depression and anxiety , alot of women face reproductive health issues, breast cancer , ovarian cancer, pregnancy problems world wide, and the situation is worst in rural and backward areas .

Many of the world organisations and NGO are working towards the betterment of society in terms of women health issues .

The people of modern world

Aren’t we all a part of this judgement cycle , which most of the people will be answering proudly like no , I never judge anyone . But , sadly we all are , the answer is yes knowingly or unknowingly ; we tend to judge people for their background , occupation, hobbies , dressing sense and what not .

We have happily added “modern” to the world without fully understanding and checking the bases  on which we concluded that yes it’s a modern world , I genuinely feel that technological advancement and infrastructural development are the only bases which are considerd the cornerstone of “modern”

Sadly , we often miss out on points like – open mindedness, appreciation , kind gestures etc . Not asking people to be the most humble and kindest human but atleast , have some basic quality of a good human for instance – appreciating the work of people who have just begin at something , a token of appreciation in both personal and professional front don’t harm anything rather it motivates the person to keep going .

The situation , in modern world differs drastically people here are more ignorant and appreciation can only be expected only on terms and condition , the population consist more  of selfish and self centred people .

The people of this modern world  can come together to start a war and show the power but , not to unite and peace keeping , the people who can party and stay up all night in celebrations but , sleepy when it comes to chasing hardwork and life changing opportunity.

The people who want to stay fit and beautiful without opting lifestyle change but , happily getting surgeries and supplements for a longer life

The people who are posting ” I support mental health , feel free to talk to me ” and actually ignoring their own friend who is going through a tough depression period and wants help …

The people who often judge others  for being diffrent and ultimately making their own family members uncomfortable with their presence ..

The people who can buy the most expensive breed of dog but not ready to adopt a homeless dog who is in need of home and care …

The people who wear animal based products calling it luxury and sitting on plant based material calling it a masterpiece of art but , not ready to grow a small sapling towards environment help ..

I am not trying to define a perfect human but , some very basic things which can easily be incorporated in our life to make modern world actually modern and a happy place

Some people may still think we can have a bright future for our country Nd it’s people but honestly , there is no bright future if we are living like this and continue to live like this , expecting good changes to take place without any contribution is wrong mindset we all are living in ..

A forest is not created in a day , no rare species are born in a day , even a child takes 9 moth to be what it is …then how can we expect to improve this modern world in a blink of eye ….

Internet of things 💻

So usually,  my blogs are about life and looking at the the positive side of things happening in and around us .

So I came across this random thought of how internet is a so amazing yet wierd place , no doubt it has connected diffrent individuals across the globe and I can video call my friend living in California with a simple app and the very next moment I can search for my favourite recipe on Google and I can post it’s picture on a social media website like face book or instagram and further that recipe can be shared via a single click and may be someone like my photography and contact me to work for a well reputed organisation and it goes on and on . Someone reading this for the first time , who dont know about internet and all it’s related aspects can definitely call this a web , a giant web spread across this world and we all are stuck in this with a pourpose both good and bad depending on who we are…

With the advancement taking place in this era , we all are living in and experiencing , the power of influence ; has increased massively, Now we not only inspire by the historical leaders but we have our new favourites well known as fashion influencers, content creators, animators and all the random people with distinct professions and hobbies. But, sometimes the influence can unknowingly destroy the life of an individual,  if they are unable to differentiate between the good and the bad and believe in things blindly , and there are many such people here around us .

Internet is not a completely sucessful invention and no invention is , not even creation of human being who are supposed to be the most advanced beings with high intellect but , again the way we treat our world the nature and the environment, we are definitely not doing right .

Internet  give numerous opportunity , it gives guidence , wings to the imagination , it adds colour to the blank canvas of dreams and it let us explore the world but , at the same time , it can turn out to be harmful and influence badly both physically and mentally .

Just like one should avoid jumping on to conclusions and making inappropriate judgement in life , we should also resist ourselves from falling blindly into this web world.Things might look impressive but , be aware .

As a reader ( part -1)

I am not a regular reader but , I try reading books both online and in paperback and while reading i think about all those prominent personalities who read good number of books every month and they have their collection of books , initially when i started reading i thought that its a good hobby plus you gain more knowledge moreover i can create my own collection and everything seems so exciting as it looks initially , so in this excitement I got 2 books both are best sellers and thought i will read both of them in a month and then get more books and eventually I will have my own collection but, what i forgot was i had my exams too , as a student exams are priority books can wait …

1 month .. 2 month …3 … I almost forgot I purchased two bestsellers which are there kept somewhere inside the study table and one day when I finally realised this . I started looking for them in my not really well organised study table and found them . I picked one , sat on my bed and started reading for the next few hours; I was reading the very first page. Basically , I was reading it not understanding and then again re reading from the starting it was a story about a brave man and that was the starting so , it was all about years and places , the starting was boring and I understood nothing and then what I did is something every human will be doing if he or she was in my place I turned the pages saw how many pages are there as the book was divided in different parts , the first part had approx. 10 to 15 pages which made me to close the book with this thought that I will restart again tomorrow .

By this time , when I am writing this blog I have a huge respect for all those people who read and have this habit of reading a new book every month and most important finishing the one they started reading , as far as I can say about myself , I am still practicing this art and I have made progress but, still I have a long way to go . Well you can definitely see that now, I consider it more then a hobby because its a art and gaining knowledge is a different aspect but, the kind of bond you develop with a book is a whole different thing , and so I prefer purchasing and reading them cause the texture of the crisp pages , the attractive cover of the book , the scent that comes from a freshly purchased books makes the bond with the book stronger and lastly fresh book – fresh thoughts .

And as a reader , a person comes across this very moment or moments when they find such a book that they are glad that they purchased and read as that book seems so familiar with our thought process or they give us a whole new perspective or they gives us the guidance that one might be searching for from a long time or the much needed motivation is written as text and many multiple reasons why this moment occurs , depending from reader to reader .

well, reading is one of the reason why those prominent personalities are prominent , apart from the success and fame and respect that they posses , I wonder about the knowledge and experience that they posses and the story of their personal book shelves and how they started , books have significantly contributed in their personal development , and getting to know them through interviews , podcasts or even books is itself very interesting.

Midnight Glory 🌙

Being thrown out of the house In middle of the night . It sounds like an absolute punishment but, is actually a dream come true wondering what a person can do if they are out of the house at midnight for instance – going to a grocery store and able to break into the store somehow and eating all the snacks and drinks you ever desired without any interruption later to be able to sweep out before the store reopens in the morning well it sounds like an amazing idea that can be done if the luck favours you and you don’t get caught up through this midnight adventure.

Well these adventure fantasies and random ideas are what we all are about , evereyone must have had some crazy fantasies cooking in their head in their childhood or early teenage or even an adult can possess them . The mind is a mystery box itself you never know what treasure is hidden in it and when you are gonna discover the treasure , growing up these fantasies modify and turn out to be more practical , or more better word would be “practically fun ” .

Moreover , fantasies are important to keep us lively and cheer up ourselves might be possible that all your fantasies come true or may not but , no one can stop us from planning such stuff into our heads , I think a fantasy may serve as a rescue plan if you are a in trouble while enjoying the fantasy actually, because evereything is scripted and you are the fantasy maker you can go by the pre scripted plan if things fall at place well , this is another sort of fantasy . I hope the readers of this blog won’t stop fantasizing things no matter what until it’s fun and crazy .

Evolving 🧩

Evolution has always been an important aspect for the upbringing of this world . It is not only the human evolution cycle that amaze me or the Caterpillar growing into butterfly but, everey thing on our planet is evolving itself slowly and gradually . In this process some got vanished like the giant dinosaur and some continue to exist by surviving the most difficult.

Well, evolution is important not only to mark your existence but, to keep going through hell and coming out of it and proving yourself . Surviving the most extreme condition , the most unexpected circumstances will surely make you a better version of you . Also , it tells us not to stop. Because those who stopped growing and tackling they lost the battle ; the winners are those who faced everey challenge bravely . The benefit or achievement will be counted in terms of the tactic that you learnt or developed while going through it. Definately, the process is length and has number of obstacles but, if you are chosen for the race then you need to run , there is no stepping back or a skip button , no helpline nothing .

The process of evolution is similar to our lives. Where each day is a challenge itself and you just can’t skip it . As each day passes life gives us a justification of itself, well somedays might appear like I achieved nothing but, no worry the very next day is waiting for you .

“The clarification of life is delivered to us everey day in many diffrent ways Understanding , observing and applying them is what we need to do to keep going”


At present, the world is going through the worst COVID – 19 crisis ,the situation is critical and all the people whether they are our doctors, nurses, sanitary workers, police and all the working staff including the people at Quarantine in their houses are trying their level best to prevent further spread of this deadly virus . This is not limited to certain country but , most of countries are badly affected, everey minute a new headline is running on our TV screen about Corona , every minute a person is dead or recovering of this , everey minute a positive case is added .

At this moment , everey minute is important the reson why secretary of World Health Organisation is asking countries to unite and fight , why countries are lock down , why the transportation has stopped, why the world’s biggest economies are falling ,why people are in fear is COVID – 19 ; the noble corona virus .

The most important thing is , this is not the time to panic , not at all . The situation is partially under control yet , it is our duty as a responsible citizen to co- operate and collectively contribute towards the well being of the city /state/ country / world and definitely this is not tough , following the guidelines of prevention , obeying the government and avoid all those activities that may spread the virus .

Apart from this, let’s hope for the best in terms of a safe future for all of us !!

#Stay home

#Stay safe

Confusion and more of that 🤷‍♀️

Do you all remember any point of your life when you were not confused about anything ? . I guess no one can because it’s very rare that we have evereything clear in our mind or we know what to do next or what to choose , here I am talking in context of every choice you made in your life till now even deciding what cloths to wear today , well that’s a big problem too, standing in front of your wardrobe with the door open , staring those clothes from top to bottom , even trying to search but , never able to find what you want at that point of time . It’s a much bigger problem even if you have arranged everything very nicely yesterday only because you have no idea where have you kept the thing , that you need urgently! It’s urgent because we people are always running late for our college and office.

There is only one person in this whole universe who knows evereything, who has the account of every single second ” The Almighty ” yes, exactly the only one . But the fact is that we are humans not Almighty so, there exist this word called ” confusion ” in the life of every human. Well, confusion is worst of it’s kind thing as this turns problem more problematic. Confusion ranges from minimum to maximum it can go from choosing between the red hot to blood red shade of lipstick to choosing the colour for your car or simply in between Gulab Jamun and Rasogulla. Everey small confusion leads to a big decision . If you made a wrong choice you can regret later . So, choose wisely especially in the third case I mentioned above . Modifications can go like – worst confusion leads to beautiful decisions. LOL

Everybody has diffrent sort of confusions going on in there mind 24 *7 , some people are good at taking decisions and quick whereas some are slow and steady , another bad thing about confusion is they lead to overthinking , it starts from a small confusion about anything and further question arises and arises and without finding answer we keep on confusing ourselves and end up overthinking and taking stress. Well, overthinking is not a solution but, correct choice is , take time but make the right choice to avoid overthinking.

What I feel is that our life has one of it’s ingredient called confusion and it is both difficult but, important for us. These small and big confusions somehow create our life . The amount of confusions may vary for people like a fresher will be more confused and want guidence but , a experienced person in the same feild will be very clear and confident. But, the point is we learn through all this and turn better each day . Even , I was confused about what should be the next topic of my blog post and see, Confusion itself came out to be a topic. At the end , All thanks to the confusion that I am able to present this post .