Dear you โš˜

Yes, I am talking about YOU and you know what ? you are important. Not because you’re the only child of your parents or you are the eldest person of your family or the most valuable employee of your company. Nope, here I am talking about your existence as a human being on this earth. If we remove the title of a student, a head, a officer, a daily wage worker, a fitness freak, a chef , a home maker , a tutor, a president, a blogger or any other title given to us then what is left ? A HUMAN, this is the commonality between all of us.

The Worth of you as a human is indeterminate but significant. No matter what you are , who you are, what you doing, where you belong to but, you are more or less contributing to the society. If anybody has ever said you that ” you are a useless creature” or “we don’t need you” or “the society does not need people like you” then there is no need to listen to such people and may be not today but, tommorow they will appreciate your presence.

Acceptance is a long procedure. If you are like any other person walking on the street you are accepted but, if you are diffrent or a random unusual person people usually don’t accept you at the first sight , this inacceptance may last long how ever now, people have started accepting the uncommon and appreciating their idea of being diffrent. That’s a great sign!! Standing out of the crowd and creating your own identity is not at all easy , such people face so many challenges and rejection from society But, they overcome all this, because if they are able to accept themself like this , if they are ready to change themselves then all other people should be ready to accept them as they are. A person who has got tattoos on his body from tip to toe that don’t make him look wierd , if you prefer wearing a single colour or you are obsessed with a colour that is totally your choice, it’s your colour no one can stop you from wearing it. Such people exist in the society and they do what I and you can’t even imagine doing. These people have the guts of bringing a change in the society.

We hear , we see so many cases where people are tesed by body shaming , skin colour , even for their passion like – painting, dancing because these are not going to help them earn a living in future, for their introverted nature, for their outspoken attitude, for their actions and for every that thing which is not beneficial due to the narrow thinking of some people. Even, sometimes parents leave their own children because they are born with some intersex variations. However, now such people have set themselves as role model for society , for both their haters and the believers. They have set a standard for people like them. They made us believe in ourselves.

This world is a progressive world and to live here it requires a progressive approach of looking at the things surrounding us. A balance must be maintained in the common and uncommon. Let’s work together and preserve that commonality of a human that we all have . Let’s change our outlook and accept the new , whole heartedly . Let’s remove this system of acceptance and inacceptance. Let’s start accepting people like they are. Let’s not Judge but; let’s be Just us

In Love ๐ŸŽ€(part-2)

In this part of “In Love” I am gonna discuss about the modern relations of the modest world. The reson behind dividing this write up into parts is that what i previously mentioned love is not a small topic . It’s a very broad spectrum of multiple themes.

The modern relations are quiet complicated and dynamic. Starting from the younger version ‘the kids’ we can find number of memes that how kids these days are into this boyfriend girlfriend things. At a very young age a boy and a girl find each other attractive they smile they blush and calling each other as boyfriend & girlfriend . they call it love ; No offences for this act this is like what we call childhood love. If you are lucky then this might continue for a longer time of your life or else it will be dictated as a story of your first ever love for rest of your life . Most of the people have experienced this thing in their childhood because we all were kids and we didn’t knew what was love exactly. Today’s generation is said to be born smarter , so they have engaged themselves into this thing quiet early as part of their childhood experience.

Talking about the teenagers,teenagers are the spontaneous ones. The frequency of changes in their lives is high. So is in their relationships, the life of a teenager is all different depending upon the choices they make , the path they choose, the thinking, the attitude, the ego, the self respect, anxiety, interest, opinion, sense of responsibility,the feelings,the circumstance, the pleasure etc. There are lots and lots of factor which determines the the life of a teenager. This age group is often referred as a confusing stage of a human life ; an incomplete adult stage. We find individuals who are focused and mature enough who have the sense of responsibility on themselves , concerned about their family and their future too, the one who know that if they get into wrong ,it will definitely harm him as well as his near and dear ones. They avoid committing mistakes and improving themselves in hope of a great future whereas on the other hand those teenagers who are into drinking, smoking,drug addict , started by peer pressure or for the sake of ‘trying it once’ now has turned into a habit , a pleasure .it’s obvious getting fascinated by things you never tried before but overdose of anything leads to bad after impact and it’s visible in depression, improper mental health and lower self confidence of the person . Instead developing useful habits are a better option , doing things for the betterment of society. The love life of teenagers are quiet similar they make wrong decision sometime which at last destroys their relationship and what’s left is regret. The most important part is working on the things that harm you like – instead of being short tempered; try to stay calm & cool ,instead of taking quick wrong decision; take your time and make the right decision, instead of being a aggressive speaker ; be a patient listener, instead of sitting and regretting; get up and start over again. Do good and feel great .

The later love, that belongs to the people who are the couples the one who are married and the older one . These couples carry a beautiful bond of love.we can see a unique chemistry between such couples as if they are so sorted out about life and their relations too. After all, living together for such a long time , facing the most difficult situation and sharing the most sweetest memories together. Two souls tied in a single bond, having kids,seeing them grow up and have their children. The responsibility which was started as a parent don’t seems to end up even after having grandchildren But, the saddest part of this love is the separation. This age of love is something which is experienced after years and years of being together but, at the same time this love brings a fear of separation because they never know how many more days are left with them; sometimes the separation take place quiet early and the pain lasts for rest of the life. It is quite difficult to face it, both early and late are deteriorating for the other partner. The life becomes lonely and meaningless but, still some people continue to live alive , they are able to accept the things and spend time with the family members such people actually teaches that how to live a life. The connection still exist ; though invisible .

Falling in love is a matter of time. Time changes and the one who is single today might mingle tomorrow!! Exceptions are those who stay single for whole life that’s their choice , no offence at all. No matter if you fall in love early or late but, making it last,keeping it fresh like the first date, keeping it simple and not for expectation , doing mistakes saying sorry and learning from them, able to understand each other and never leaving the other when they need you the most , sharing the responsibility, respecting each other’s choice and keeping their heart sometimes, chilling together, fighting together, tolerating the tantrums enjoying together and most important don’t miss the chance of bringing the smile on each other’s face is what love is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

In love๐ŸŽ€ (Part – 1)

Love , This word has so many meanings,definition, explanation,concept,ideology, good and bad attached with it. It’s been never outdated due to its immense importance in the life of a human being .From Romeo and Juliet , Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, the idea of love is traced back in our history .

And why only history , we can find some portion in every subject, which exist. Talking about literature we can find number of plays,drama,stories,poetry which convey the idea of love in there own unique manner. The variety ranges from love hate, love revenge,love and eternity, and many more. Talking about the people; some people like talking about it and, some people don’t it depends on the importance of love in there life and their experience regarding the same. however no thoughts or ideas or mindset are offensive in nature it’s just that we might find it wrong but, every talk conveys a new sense of looking at that thing. It’s not mandatory that whenever we talk about love it’s always about Girlfriend or boyfriend or soul mate or life partner but, this is something beyond human relations and acceptance of a person as a special one . Love has diffrent forms it can be in the form ofย  a sport , for a player who plays for his countryย  , it can be the love of a soldier towards the motherland ,when they stand at the borders to protect there country, it can be the love of a flower vendor for her flowers which she sells every day bringing smile on the faces of people, it can be customer satisfaction for a true shop keeper, it can be in the form of social services for a social worker , it can be the love for flora and fauna for an environmentalist,doing research for a scientist, the love of a mother for her child, For a priest his love for Godย  & so on .Every person in this planet is engaged in love in some or the other form. Passion, job, work, duty, devotion, responsibility, concern are all the words that can some what define love .

Love is a beautiful thing. And from this comes the concept of self love which is quiet popular these days.people often get it in a wrong manner specially teenagers like, when they have broken up they start being more possessive about themself and they start realising their self worth which they say is more important. However , self worth or self love is not a thing to realise after getting betrayed by some other person , instead it’s a forever thing which stays evereytime ,it’s the way we treat ourselves,it’s always said that an individual should focus on oneself more; than being competitive and looking at others and that’s very true YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT YOU. In order to feel the essence of self love, you need to spend time with yourself, work on you flaws ,grow,practice your skills and cheer up yourself .

Moreover,we find people who are against or don’t accept love these are generally those who are betrayed, hopeless and always had bad experiences in context with love. As a result they stopped believing in this term. But no matter if the things went wrong or the experience was bad it’s never going to last for lifetime and it might happen that someday you go through something good and it brings back your trust again. Betrayal should be accepted to move forward in life because you never know what and how life teaches you a lesson. A bad thing may change your perspective into a good one in future and that’s fruitful for you only. Never be disheartened or disappointed specially in case of Love .

In a precise way, Love denies both never and forever . That is ,love will surely enter into your life someday in might be in childhood, adulthood or any point of time ; it can last for few hours to a whole lifetime , it can be true ; it can be fake the certain and uncertain is not in our hands. But , learning and progressing is what we can afford so,you know what to do when you fall in love .

Never Done Before ๐Ÿ

We all have one life as a human being, and each and every person has his or her own perspective about life. The perspective from which I see life is “SOMETHING NEVER DONE BEFORE”

As a small child, whatever we did in our childhood was something we did never experienced before from learning to walk to the first milk teeth that fell, touching the empty space in our mouth made us excited and happy that “yes , I am growing and will soon get the permanent one ” and later we did put that teeth into the soil , thinking that it will grow into a plant one day . Similarly there are end number of things that we never fealt before and those experiences always remain mesmerising,remembering them brings a big smile on our faces and we slightly go into a flashback .

Well, all this is not limited to childhood but, this thing starts from the birth and ends when the person has left the world . We keep on experiencing, feeling, observing and undergoing random changes ,experiences,adventures, and similar sort of things as we grow up .

“Nothing ever becomes real , until it is experienced “as said by John Keats. This quote brings everything into a nutshell , experiencing new things brings it to reality. As we grow older we start admiring things because at that point of time we are considered the most experienced person among all others and all the experience are worth living the life.

Experience comes with opportunities.ย  You may call it luck but, sometime we want to experience something but, we don’t get the opportunity to do so . Like , meeting your favourite celebrity.ย  It might remain a wish forever . But, generally we experience the uncertain but, extraordinary, which are much valuable and better than the once which remained unfulfilled. So , always keep a count on these ; we never know “WHEN WE ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE THE NEXT EXYRAODINARY THING” whatever Life gives you is a mix of what you want and what is meant to be . Thus, never get disappointed .

“Experience have no ending until we are tired of learning ” something new with every passing minute , every day and every year . The non monetary value of a human is determined by the experience, personality, behaviour, value and every that thing which can be sensed by the other being . Filling life with experience is better then filling it with useless stuff , atleast you will have story to share.


My life is undoubtedly a blessing. But, as a human being I sometimes find myself in certain situations which looks as if, they are never going to end. A unusual radiation of negativity sorrounds me . Well, a small child may feel the same when he or she is not able to make new friends in kindergarten or when they are unable to mix up with other children and similarly a teenager , a professional and an old person may face the same problem.

But, what I realise, by the time is that, “LIFE IS NOT THE SAME ,ALL TIME”

I may feel low one day and, the very next day I may be full of energy, motivated and can feel the positivity inside . We people have a habit of thinking that whatever bad happens, it happens to me , and I am the unluckiest person in this whole world . But, that is not true . It may look like that, when we check the sequence of the happening in our day to day life . But we forget those LITTLE THINGS that helped us out from turning the day more worst .

We miss those little moments of Happiness;like receiving a text from your best friend after a long time . We miss the moment of peace that we had while reading a book in the library , when your mom prepares your favourite dish in dinner . We miss it because, OUR ULTIMATE FOCUS WAS ON THE BAD PART OF THE DAY AND WHAT REMAINED UNNOTICED WAS THE GOOD PART.

LIFE IS LIKE A PIZZA …. the topping may have capsicum, which you hate eating but, what about the olive, the onions,the cheese and the crust of pizza, they are really good and you love them also there are chilli flakes and oregano which further adds to the taste. So , LIFE SERVES YOU BOTH , it totally depends upon you that whether you will spoil your mood by the capsicum or will enjoy rest good part of pizza .

If there are dark days, then there are bright days too. IF EVERYTHING IS BAD , THEN THERE IS SOMETHING GOOD TOO . And we need to understand the difference to live a good life , a happy one, in which we don’t doubt ourselves neither curse us . “There is a solution to every problem” and the simple logic behind this saying is that , no problem is created without a solution . When you start seeking WHAT IS, RIGHT in the WRONG & THE GOOD IN THE BAD then you start living your life to it’s fullest .